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Inspiring Content for 'Real People' that gets you relevant traffic and desired results. Travel | Blogging | Fashion | Self-Growth

Hello there! I am Roli.

Wanting to

  • Build brand awareness
  • Improve search engine visibility
  • Turn the right visitors into customers or
  • Keep them coming back for more?

I am here to write kick-ass content for you.

I spent 12 years traveling the world as a travel professional, from owning Product and Business Development for the biggest Travel Corporation in India to owning my own Lifestyle Travel Company.

My long-time dream come true as I started travel blogging in 2018 while travelling around South East Asia and India.

Around the same time, in search of the deeper aspects of the mind, I took up professional training in Yoga and it turned out to be my life calling. Now I am an internationally certified Yoga Coach and Practitioner.

So, I transitioned my blog into a self-growth blog after getting trained in –

  • Content writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog building
  • Guest posting &
  • SEO Optimization

All with Smart Blogger (I also draw a lot from Neil Patel and Backlinko when it comes to Content Marketing and SEO).

Here are few writing samples from my blog –

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Travel, Blogging, and Self Growth are obvious subjects of expertise for me since I have long-term exposure and professional training and experience in all of them. However, fashion is something that comes naturally to me and one of the things I feel deeply curious about, especially when it is timeless and sustainable.

Content services offered –

  • Ultimate Guides
  • Blog Post/ Content Article
  • Marketing Email copy
  • Web Pages
  • Social Media Pages
  • Product Reviews
  • Sales Landing Page
  • Travel Brochures
  • Travel Itineraries

Why me –

  • My Priorities include –
    • In-depth research to create the right foundation
    • Understanding the client and setting clear expectations
  • My golden rules –
    • Engage, Educate and Get them to Buy
    • Headlines and Call to Actions go a long way
    • Putting myself in someone else’s shoes is the key to write great copy
  • Have written for some of the biggest blogs in the world –

Lifehack; Thrive Global; Positively Positive; Purpose Fairy

I use the perfect mix of User intent, what Google wants and what you are paying me to write about – so YOU get what I promised at the very top – ‘Inspiring Content for 'Real People' that gets you relevant traffic and desired results’

Connect with me at and let’s get started!

Topics: Travel | Blogging | Fashion | Self-Growth | Self Improvement | Personal Development
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