Rebecca Rine

Creating Engaging Content that Acknowledges Humanity

I reach your future clients by first understanding their humanity -- their wants, needs, and emotions that move them to action. By showing them "I see you" they trust my voice and know they have found their people (your company). By using a casual, engaging voice in my writing, I create an approachable space rather than a dry, preachy space where would-be clients feel they are not understood or seen.

Your clients are smart, and they want smart writing with real-life humanity tied into it, rather than yet another copied-and-pasted list of facts and figures. I deliver humanity, and often humor, in my writing and build it on research to ensure your credibility.

My portfolio can be found here:Rebecca Rine's Portfolio

Topics: Parenting, Travel, Work, Health, Relationships, Aging, Recreation, Social Media, Meditating, Health, Social Issues, Spirituality
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