Patricia Casello-Maddox, MBA, DC, LAc


Hello, I am Pat Casello-Maddox and I live in Minneapolis.

I am a health, wellness and personal development copywriter and content specialist. My passion is helping you build your  business and brand by providing SEO and target-audience focused copy and content.

I have many years of experience as a health care provider, educator and writing entrepreneur.   My mission is to support health and wellness businesses in connecting great products and services to current and future customers.

As a certified SmartBlogger Content Marketing writer and an AWAI Copywriter and Case Study Specialist, I can provide SEO-focused, engaging copy and content to reach your audience. I specialize in emails, lead generation, blogs, website articles, newsletters, ultimate guides, case studies, sales letters and online scripts.

What Sets Me Apart?

I have worked in private clinics, hospitals, transitional care and outreach facilities. They provided me with a rich background of both diverse patient and health care concerns. These experiences gave me a broad knowledge of traditional and alternative therapies, nutrition, supplementation, exercises and lifestyle consultation.

I specialized in combining patient stories with comprehensive and successful treatments. These skills translate to my copy and content creation to reach your audience with engaging, persuasive copy.

Over fifteen years as an online associate professor and project manager make me easy to work with remotely and comfortable with communicating with and learning technology.

My project management experience and process allow me to help you develop your project scope, to research material and topics you provide or request, and to offer regular status updates through review and approval of a final project.

Please see examples of my work below. You can reach me at

Examples of My Work:

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Topics: Health, Wellness, Sleep, Mindfulness, Motivation, Daily Success
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