Oliver Calubayan

Compelling content that inspires people to take action and get results

I’m Oliver, a content marketer based in Norway, and I am a fitness nut.

I write stories for people who want to improve their lives, whether it’s their career, finances, relationships, and especially healthwise.

I use the “sweater-knit” style when writing blog posts to keep the readers engaged until the end. I like to infuse my writing with real emotions such as frustration, fear, inspiration, love, and humor. 


What's my process?

Before I write for you, we’re going to create a content brief where we will agree on the keywords you want to rank for, the searcher’s intent, success criteria, and the main takeaways.

Afterward, I’ll do competitive research on relevant posts, create a detailed outline based on what I think will be the best post, and if it’s good to go, that’ll be the only time I’ll write the first draft. 

Why hire me?

As someone who was unhappy with his weight and life before, I can definitely relate to your audience. I also know what it takes to get out of the rut. By building one good habit at a time, anyone can lose weight, live a more meaningful and passionate life, or find their dream jobs or partner.

I can help you build a loyal fan base, increase your sales, get new subscribers, and build your authority online by creating content that tugs at people’s hearts, stirs their emotions, and drives them to take action. 

I understand that person who is desperate to change their life will click on anything which they think can help them and won’t hesitate to click on the back button within the first minute if they think that the content is not relevant. I’m here to help you keep them glued to your page.

My samples can be found here:

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A Detailed Guide On How To Manage Money Effectively

If you think I’m your guy, send me an email at  olivercalubayan@gmail.com

Topics: health and fitness, self improvement
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