Ofra Kleinberger-Riedrich

100% original content that works for you (because your customers will remember it)

OKR – My initials and my credo! All the content I write is for achieving Objective Key Results for my clients.

Who am I?

My name is Ofra Kleinberger Riedrich (OKR) and I bring with me over 18 years of experience in marketing communication, content writing, and content management. I specialize in B2B companies that manufacture high-tech equipment and medical devices, targeting international markets. I write for the high-tech, biotechnology, chemistry, water, manufacturing and marketing industries.

What I do?

I write informative content for marketing purposes; such as brochures, presentations, websites, video scripts, blogs, long-form content (e.g., ultimate guides), and case studies. I have a knack for explaining complex concepts in layman's terms, while also telling a compelling story that engages your customers.

How I do it?

I write content that aligns with your marketing objectives, presenting your products and services with a clear benefit to your customers and prospects. To achieve this, I deep dive into your topic, marketing strategy, and specific goals for the content or project. I conduct SEO-related research and competitive analysis. I help compile a detailed brief and content outline before writing. The service includes drafts and iterations to create best-in-class content.

Why work with me?

I create original, high-quality content that customers remember and which compels them to take action. I understand that content is only as good as the results it achieves, and therefore I write with Objective Key Results (OKR) in mind. If you are looking for a person who can tell your story and gain your customers’ and prospects’ interest, please contact me to discuss your content needs.

Where can you find my writing samples?

Check out the following resources:

The Ultimate guide to chatbot software: http://okrcontent.com/chatbot-software-101-ultimate-guide-2022/

Biotech support service blog: https://www.qiagen.com/knowledge-and-support/knowledge-hub/science-matters/molecular-biology/7-most-frequently-asked

Engineering company website: https://www.meb.sg/

Medical device blog: https://blog.hanitalenses.com/fullrange/do-smartphones-induce-presbyopia

NDT articles: https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/Ofra-Kleinberger-2055175461

Portfolio: http://okrcontent.com/portfolio/

Topics: high-tech, equipment, medical devices, biotechnology, X-ray, NDT, water, production, manufacturing, chemistry, biology, fashion, style, wellness, nutrition, parenting, b2b, marketing, digital marketing, content management, software products
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