Nyaima Smith

Creating Content that Drives Traffic and meets customers on their journey.

Nyaima Smith:

Obsessed with helping agencies and businesses give their clients and prospects content they crave, by delivering human-centered content at the right time.  

Undercover, but proud TechNerd, insatiable learner, and promoter of freedom and critical thinking. I have an eclectic background that makes me comfortable at dinner parties. I've used my unique experiences to grow the marketing programs of multi-million dollar SaaS companies, service-based small businesses, and several high-profile non-profits in New York City.

I am also on a mission to stomp out mass feelings of unworthiness and replace them with self-love and appreciation.  So, I write insanely useful guides on personal and spiritual development because she is devoted to sharing love, light, and wellness.

With over 15 years of professional experience in engineering and technical fields, it gives me a unique perspective.  This experience translates into great research skills and fearlessness towards technology and scientific topics (even in the world of personal growth).


Published Writings

SaaS, Technology, Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Technical 

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Personal Growth and Development, Self-Improvement, Self-Help, Spiritual Development, Mental Health, Heart-Centered

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Quotes and Contributions

Social Champ: Experts Insights: How to Build an Engaging Social Media Community

Thrive Global:  It's Amazing What People Give You When You are Self-Sufficient

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Writing Samples

Chatbot Software: The Ultimate Guide for 2019 (100% Unbiased) - Make the Best Choice For Your Business


Ghost Writing (Things I've done that You wouldn't know)

I've Ghostwritten:

  • 5 articles,
  • 2500 social media posts, and
  • 11 E-books


Other Skills

  • Self-appointed advocate for remote working
  • Checker that words match intentions
  • Not afraid to write bad copy to uncover magical converting words
  • Strong communicator
  • Creative by nature
  • Independent freedom lover
  • Full range writer - can write love stories or technical guide
  • Equally good with people and robots
  • Challenger of status quo
  • Self-motivated/Self-starter
  • Endlessly curious

Working With Me

  • My first job is to understand what you need and do my best to deliver those results.
  • Reliable
  • Easy to communicate with - a big plus during the on-boarding and editing process.
  • Excellent reading comprehension, aka, I can follow written directions.
  • I take pride in my work:  I create 100% original copy.  You don't have to worry about plagiarism.
  • Great research skills.  I am a former engineer, I love that sh_t!
  • My work is not limited to simply writing, my knowledge expands across the entire marketing funnel. This is a bonus for you.
  • Multifaceted, which adds increased value to my offering.
  • Can work independently or with a team.

Highlighted Skills

  • I enjoy conducting original research including surveys, and audiences poll.  Original Research is a new way to create thought leadership with your content for your clients.  Once the original research is create I publish content and results (white papers, articles, webinars) based on that research.
  • Capitalize on the relationship between SEO and content.
  • Provide SEO research and analyze keywords and secondary keywords that will boost content.
  • Can write content that resonates along different points along the customer journey.
  • Excellent researcher.
  • Can create content briefs for busy entrepreneurs.  I can also follow a well-crafted content brief.
  • Write in different tones and vibes,
  • Writes irresistible headlines.
  • Native English Speaker.
  • Passionate and knowledgeable about Personal and Spiritual Growth Topics
  • Comfortable writing various forms of content.  Including Articles; Blog Post; E-books; Social Media Post; Website copy; and scripts for videos/podcasts.
  • Maintain a content calendar
  • Proofreading and revising content
  • Can provide content ideas and strategies for wholistic approach.


Achievements and Experience in Contract Rolls

  • I've used my unique experience to create marketing campaigns that deal with goals holistically. For example, a company wanted to increase engagement to their blog. They also had a goal to increase their socially conscious contributions. So I developed an interview series to promote women in tech, placed them on their blog, and repurposed that material on other channels. The results, the women showcased promoted their interview, bringing 10% more people to the website, and I helped them hit a meaningful social wicket.
  • Instrumental in increasing conversions from blogs by 20%, by optimizing content creation across different channels, using details audience research to understand customer needs and journeys, and consistent testing of new ideas.
  • Set and prioritized growth strategies, and execution playbooks for marketing teams.
  • Partnered with Sales and Success teams to optimize onboarding flows, marketing copy, and partnerships.
  • Applied SEO methods to move content up in search rankings.
  • Managed content calendars for branded content, including blogs and social.
  • Edited content contributions from staff and guest writers to ensure accuracy, readability, and brand-consistent tonality.
  • Crafted email sequences for promotional campaigns.
  • Analyzed the success of published content using Google Analytics and other tools.
  • Reduced content turnaround times by 25% by deploying content creation SOP and checklists.
  • Work with and manage external resources and vendors to develop, write, edit, and distribute content.
  • Provide weekly analytics reports on marketing performance.
  • Created images, and content boosters (videos, infographics, etc.) for articles.
  • Researched customers' desires, products, and services to craft converting copywriting for websites, emails, and other marketing materials.
  • Performed and oversaw contracted website and content audits.
  • Also managed vendors and contractors producing social content for their social channels. Created 1,000+ pieces of social content.
  • Boosted direct referral traffic to website by 10-20% month over month through direct engagement on LinkedIn. Though not scalable, it created a core group of engaged friends on social.

Software and Computer Skills

It's 2019, I don't know too many people who are not computer savvy.  Myself included.  No, I don't know every program in the world.  But I am comfortable and confident using a computer.  Learning and navigating most programs is effortless.

Here are a few standard programs I flow with:

  • Google Suites
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Photoshop, Canva, and other photo-editing/creation apps)
  • Slack
  • Wordpress
  • Zoom, Messenger
  • SEO Research Tools like Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, SEMRush



Content Marketing Certification, SmartBlogger

Hubspot Email Marketing Certified

Topics: SaaS, Web 3.0 (including Crypto, Blockchain, Creator's Economy), Personal Growth and Development, Self-Improvement, Self-Help, Spiritual Development, Scientific, Analysts & Research, and Marketing
Content Marketing Certified - Badge