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Hi. I’m Norm, an SEO Content Strategist/Editor based in Minneapolis, MN.

I came to SEO Content Strategy in a not-so-straight line after years of practical experience in the trenches.

- My ten years in the Health and Wellness Industry nurtured the genuine empathy necessary to form meaningful relations with clients. SEO Content Strategy must connect with readers to be effective. My certifications include massage, nutrition, yoga, and posture training.

- Passion for business, persistence, and bringing value to clients contributed to my success during my twelve years in the Commercial B2B space. My positions included serving as a Sales Representative, Sales, and General Manager for two national distributorships.

- A strong sense of discipline, an attitude of mission accomplishment, and the ability to work with groups large and small flowed from my service as an Army Officer. I served worldwide in multiple leadership capacities.

I love to perform in-depth keyword research and uncover those gems that will push you ahead of your competitors on Google. My research is supported by detailed content briefs that will help your writers create a powerful document. No need to worry about editing. I take care of that, too.

Together we establish your goals, collaborate on a Content Brief, and make certain that I understand your reader takeaways and seeker intent before anyone writes a single word. Through strong content and SEO, I will help establish you as an authority or drive traffic to your website.If you are looking for an SEO Strategist/Editor who appreciates the value of comprehensive content and competitive research, one who understands that good content drives results, reach out to me and we can discuss your unique requirements.

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