Nicole Menéndez

Content Marketer in Science and Technology, Marketing and Sales.

I am a Certified Content Marketer with a Masters in Pharmacology and Science Communication. I can help you turn complex ideas into fascinating, simple and engaging copy that will captivate your audience. I help customer-centred businesses create content that will rank on the first page of Google.

I can write content for you in any scientific or health-related topic and have a passion for education and sharing ideas. My scientific background means I have excellent research skills, I am analytical and have great attention to detail.

Business, sales and marketing are also close to my heart as I've spent more than ten years working in sales and marketing, and I have set up a small business myself. These experiences give me an understanding of customers and employees alike, allowing me to connect with them in my writing. On the other hand, my scientific background means I'm no stranger to data.

My writing style is straight-forward, clear, intelligent and engaging.

If you're looking for someone who can help your customers understand and make use of complex ideas, and knows how to engage with your audience, contact me.

Topics: Science, Technology, Health, Sales, Marketing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Analytical Instrumentation, Sustainability, Permaculture, Ex-Pat Life, Spain
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