Nicole Christiano

Freelance writer on lifestyle and financial wellness. Writing clean and simply.

Nicole (she/her) is a certified content marketing specialist based out of Seattle, with a passion for creating SEO-optimized content that drives business for you and inspiration for your customers. With 8+ years of personal and corporate finance experience, and 2 years of experience as a running coach, Nicole is primed and ready to write traffic-winning content for your company.

Nicole is featured in Adventures Northwest magazine’s Summer 2020 edition.

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“Your spelling, grammar, and the content you included were all excellent. The formatting of the article was especially good. Breaking up the content by using lists and such make it easier to read and more engaging. I was especially impressed by your tone. You really nailed it in this regard! You sounded well informed and eager to help, which will go a long way with readers.” WordAgents Editor

“Excellent work with this piece. Everything was looking pretty spot-on and ready to go. Thank you!” WordAgents Editor

“You included all the needed keywords and internal links. A lot of writers skim over including links, so thank you for carefully reading the brief. Also, you included the requested headlines. You knocked it out of the park with attention to detail here.” WordAgents Editor

Topics: Finance, Wellness
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