Nasa Zaidul

I'm a techy writing with a human touch.

Looking for a tech-nerd who can write about travel, health, and gaming-related stuff? That's me. I'm an experienced Malaysian engineer who happens to like writing fiction, so I can do technical write-ups too, and make it not sound like a manual. I promise not to turn your specifications into fiction (though the temptation will always be there).

Travel is a fascinating way to open up one's eyes to the world, and often, it will change a piece of you forever. Sharing that essence in words is something I enjoy doing. I'm a martial artist and yoga-practitioner, and was once upon a time, a marathon runner. Well-being has always been something that interests me.  I also confess to a minor obsession with PC and Android gaming.

Understanding your goals is a priority, so I won't start any writing until I'm clear about what you expect to see in a piece. I will then do the needed comparative research, and work out an outline for you to look at before creating a draft.

You can have a view of my work here:

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Topics: Health, travel, technical writing, fiction, gaming
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