Monica Clinesmith

Helping You Connect with Your People

Have you worked hard to find solutions to people’s problems, something you know will help them, only to find that you aren’t getting anyone to listen?

I’m Monica, and I’m a certified content marketer and movement nerd with over 15 years of healthcare experience. I love to use well-written content to help people learn how to optimize their health, complete their goals, and take charge of their lives. 

Whether in writing or in healthcare, I have found that even the best answers to a problem are useless if your potential clients don’t hear about them. Whether this is because you need improved SEO to help clients find you, or because you need content that will connect with them once they’re there, I’m here to help.

I will work with you to understand both you and your clients so that I can write engaging content that has the ability to rank well in search engines. Before writing, I will provide you with a detailed outline to approve to be sure the content will meet your needs. 

Need an Ultimate Guide or a comprehensive How-to post? I can do that, as well as articles, essays, case studies, and blog posts. I have spent many years learning how to connect with my clients so that they can benefit from my knowledge and solutions. I can use that experience to help you connect to your people as well.

Some samples of my writing include:

Hip Arthroscopy: The Ultimate Guide for Patients (How to Make the Right Decision for YOU)

14 Ways to Reduce Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Interested? Contact me and let’s get you connected to your people!

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