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''Michael was interested in our business and in understanding exactly what we required for  SEO content. His suggestions were very welcome and he went the extra mile with a friendly and professional service''.

Imran Hamid – Founder, Compass Recovery

Hey there,

I'm Michael Gleeson a certified content marketer for B2B brands.

I worked for a decade as a cost consultant in the construction sector. That makes me ideally placed to translate industry gobbledygook into sparkling words. I’m also a guest blogging graduate who can wow B2C audiences. But that’s enough about me.

Short-form, keyword-stuffing content is a marketing merry-go-round to nowhere.

Yet sometimes even knockout content is not enough.

My guess is you want results (ROI). You want content that drives traffic, leads and revenue.

I’m here to help you create cornerstone content in your niche; long-form content that rises above the rest.

A bit like the tallest skyscraper.

How? Jargon-busting in-depth content that shatters cynicism and resonates with your audience. It's simply content that's more useful than anything else out there.

Let's be honest though.

There are no guarantees for ranking on the first page.

It takes a solid content strategy, promotion and backlinks to rank. But it's possible.

With proven long-form content frameworks you can boost site traffic and grow leads rapidly.

Some of my recent work:

Small Construction Business Marketing: 27 Ideas To Conquer 2020 [The Definitive Guide]

7 Strategies That Will Help You Build Self Discipline Once and for All 

Topics I’ve covered:

I've written on marketing, self-improvement, sustainability, construction, health, IT, education, architecture and languages to name a few.

If you need memorable, in-depth, data-rich content with a sprinkle of humour, I'm your answer.

''Michael worked for me writing SEO articles for one of my non-travel clients. He demonstrated a willingness to research and write on a broad range of subjects, including health, construction, smartphones, IT, smart homes and architectural finishings''.

- Joanne Amos, Founder & Chief Travel Writer, The Wandering Wordsmith

''An indicator of his writing and research quality can be seen in the publication of a paper at the international ARCOM conference. I was happy to support him and present it at the world’s leading conference in construction management.''

- Dr Craig Thomson - Glasgow Caledonian University

Whether you are a B2B or B2C brand, let me take the hassle out of your content creation.

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Topics: construction (SAAS), sustainable building, digital marketing, B2B, start-ups, Arabic language, renewable energy, education, learning, self-improvement
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