Megan Newbould

Creating content that will knock your socks off!

I am certified in content marketing and have an English Language A-Level. I am passionate about writing, knowledgable about SEO factors and will create a top-ranking post for you. I am currently working on building my own blog as a side business. I specialise in writing travel, health and social media marketing. I have worked in social media marketing myself recently so have plenty of experience and knowledge in this field.

I provide posts with a quick turnaround (In a matter of days if required) and conduct very in-depth research: I can write quality content about almost any topic with sufficient research. I am a bit of a biology whiz too so enjoy editing and writing health or medical-based posts.

My most recent ultimate guide: on parenting styles.

and my wild camping post:

Topics: Travel, Health, Fitness, Politics, Social Media, Social Media Marketing/Advertising, Promoting, Ghost Writing, Book review, Proof Reading, Copy editing
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