Mary Ortman

Comprehensive Content Creation and Methodical Content Marketing Strategies You Can Trust

I’m Mary and I’m a Certified Content Marketer and University of Idaho graduate with extensive experience as a fire dispatcher and wildland firefighter, and additional professional experience as a teacher and librarian assistant specializing in information literacy and instruction. 

I love to write creative, brand storytelling and long-form, inclusive posts with stunning and well-researched comprehensive content about outdoor recreation and wilderness travel, language and culture, and personal development and productivity.  

How do I do it? 

I don’t write to just hit a word count.

I write as the voice of your brand, the deep inhale at the start of an unforgettable adventure, and the heartbeat that infuses fresh life into the pulse of your brand. 

Whether you want to increase your visibility, keep and maintain a loyal client base, or establish your authority on a topic, I won’t write a single word until I understand your goals.

After we’ve discussed action-plan elements to 1) create a content brief that aligns with your objectives, I 2) conduct competitive research to understand what leading content looks like in your niche and then 3) create a detailed content outline for your review before writing and submitting the first draft. 

I can give you: 

  • Original, personalized content that resonates with your brand’s style
  • Meticulous implementation of proven Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Strategic titles and methodical title placement
  • Natural topic arrangement and article flow
  • Informational charts and graphics with personality
  • Downloadable PDF and eBook resources
  • Intuitive and easy-to-read formatting
  • Idea brainstorming and brain-mapping approaches
  • Creative storytelling that attracts and connects with clients and wins loyal readers
  • Open communication and timely correspondence
  • A carefully edited and professional-quality final product that caters to your goals

You can view a sample of my work here: 

Mary Ortman – Medium

Spanish Commands: The Ultimate Guide (Includes Charts, Cheat Sheets + Examples)

Spanish Commands: Companion PDF


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Topics: outdoor recreation, wilderness travel and nature, language and culture, personal development, productivity
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