Mary Anne Shew

Content that Informs Visitors, Inspires Possibilities,
and Ignites Action

Who I Am

I'm a certified content marketer who helps you put your best foot forward through website/blog content to attract visitors, build site traffic, and rank higher in search engines. Such content builds your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness both with Google and site visitors. I'm based in Rochester NY (Eastern Time Zone) and serve clients throughout the US.

What I Write

  • Long-form content such as ultimate guides and complete how-to's. These can be published as articles or blog posts.
  • Online content your prospects can download and share: Checklists, worksheets, brief how-to's, case studies, etc.
  • Topics I specialize in are business, leadership, technology, financial planning, and health / aging.

How I Work

Content Writing: Your content must be written in such a way that it supports your business objectives. If it isn’t, it can fail to achieve what you need. To prevent that from happening, I don't write a word before listening to your ideas and understanding your goals. Then I:

  • Conduct competitive analysis to determine what best-in-class content for your topic looks like.
  • Create a detailed outline for your review and approval.
  • Write a draft for your review.
  • Incorporate your feedback.
  • Provide the final copy to be installed on your site.

As an option, and with authorized access to your account(s), I also have the technical skills to:

  • Put your content in your WordPress site as a page or blog post, including filling the on-page SEO settings that help Google properly index the content.
  • Write, test, and schedule the associated email broadcast on Aweber or Mailchimp to be sent to your email subscribers.

Content Marketing Strategy: Some clients come to me because they are starting from scratch when it comes to getting ranked well in Google. Other have lots of ideas they need to sift through. Working together, we create a content strategy that answers questions such as:

  • What topics do your customers need to know to use your product or service effectively?
  • What are their most frequently asked questions?
  • What keywords should we target?
  • Should this topic be a web page or a blog post?

Such a plan ultimately saves my clients much time and money, increases sales, and attracts better customers who have more loyalty.

What It's Like to Work with Me

  • I'm an enthusiastic and curious quick study. I love learning about my clients' fields/industries and what they wish to achieve for themselves and their customers.
  • I have the uncanny ability to get inside your customers' heads and represent them during your project.
  • I'm organized and detailed. I love to bring order to chaos.
  • I'm creative, collaborative, responsive, and fun to work with.

References are available upon request.

A Few Examples of My Work

I am experienced with HTML/CSS, WordPress, SquareSpace, Wix, MailChimp, Aweber, and similar online tools.

Let's Get Started!

If you need well-written content that engages your audience, I would love to help you achieve what others have when collaborating with me. Email me to explore your project and goals.

Topics: Business, Leadership, Technology, Financial Planning, Health and Aging
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