Mark Usen

I've Mastered the Dynamics of High-Flying SaaS, Productivity Content


It the plain truth. Several visitors and potential clients are slipping through your fingers every passing second. It's probably catch-22 for you with several content ideas to test out plus Google algorithm changes that sweep across like a whirlwind. 

What you need is clarity, hope, and a proven action plan. And as unlikely as it might seem, you're no different from your audience. Like you, they need someone to help them put it all together and inspire belief in existent and new solutions.

I help brands reinvorate their content marketing campaigns using advanced content creation tactics and time-tested principles.

Win over and retain thousands of visitors per month with cutting-edge content. Content that leave an indelible impression on your audience, making them come back for more doses of that refreshing, reassuring experience.


Are Your SaaS Blogs in Need of Optimized, Targeted Content?


I write contents that go straight to the heart. I see eye-to-eye with the readers on their pain points. I use an eagled-eyed perspective but I'm also keen to fine details.

I'll give your posts that magnetism thet need to do justice to their topics. Currently, I focus on topics relating to:

  • Connectivity
  • AI
  • CRM
  • Cloud Services
  • Productivity
  • Personal Finances

and other related topics.


My Clean-Cut Content Creation Plan


First we need a robust content creation plan that covers all the angles. We'll use a content brief as our guiding compass. The content brief will embody the results of a competitor analysis. You'd need thorough-going hands to sift through your competitor's contents to find cracks and gaps that you can explore to gain a competitive edge. 

Armed with the content brief, I'll then proceed to flesh out the content. I'll optimize the final draft with advanced SEO techniques and tools like Fischer Score and Grammarly.


Here's my most recent work:

Topics: Networking and connectivity, CRM, Virtual Assistance, Cloud services, Productivity, self-improvement
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