Mark Usen

I've Mastered the Dynamics of High-Flying SaaS, Productivity Content

Need content that stands out of the crowd and also withstands Google's algorithm changes? Content that dominates top page rankings and sends competitors back to the drawing board? You're in the right right place.

I help brands invigorate their content marketing campaigns with advanced content creation techniques and time-tested principles.  

Got Eye-brow Raising Content on your SaaS Blog?

A brilliant SaaS blog post presents complex ideas from a refreshing, relatable perspective. It takes an eagle-eyed approach to the reader's unique problems while also focusing on the fine details of the solutions. In other words, it's rich in context and content, bringing key concepts home to the readers'  daily lives.

Currently, I focus on topics relating to:

  • Connectivity
  • AI
  • CRM
  • Cloud Services
  • Productivity
  • Personal Finance
  • Self-Improvement


My Clean-Cut Content Creation Plan

My process begins  with  a content brief covering criteria like the searcher intent, SEO requirements,  voice and tone, and deadlines. A rigorous competitor analysis is required for the brief. The aim is to secure an edge by finding and filling gaps in competitors' content.

Armed with the brief, I'll then proceed to flesh out the content. Finally, I'll perfect the final copy using advanced SEO techniques and tools like Fischer Score and Grammarly.

Here's my most recent work:

Topics: Networking and connectivity, CRM, Virtual Assistance, Cloud services, Productivity, Self-Improvement
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