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Hi, I'm Mark. I'm a Certified Content Marketer and Advanced Google Analytics User so my articles rank as well as they read. They have been shared thousands of times, published in many top blogs, including Huff Post, and sites like Inc and Smartblogger have referenced them. I've also run several popular blogs with tens of thousands of subscribers, so I understand all aspects of content marketing.

(Please note some articles mentioned were ghostwritten for clients)

Clients' comments: 

Hi Mark,
"Wow, this is simply awesome. Thank you! Such an amazing post. Payment will be made on Friday. You've gone over and beyond....and I'm still trying to catch my breath! Thank you." - Pedro

"Mark is an excellent marketer and content creator. I am thrilled with the content Mark created for our blogs and courses. Also his emails for launches and funnels are exceptional: we recorded clear spikes in our email opening rates after using Mark's copy. Mark has proven his worth as a content writer again and again." -Mary Jaksch

"Mark took over our copywriting about two months ago. I could tell right away his writing style was on point with what we were looking for. I contacted him right away. He sent me a content brief and after I filled it out and sent it back he had a rough draft back to me very quickly. I was amazed with what he produced. It had everything in the article that we were looking for and more. Not only was the content on point, but Mark is also extremely easy to communicate with and very responsive. If anyone is looking for top-notch copywriting or writing in general Mark is your man." - Jacob A. Greenberg

"Mark Tong's posts are always well-researched and engaging. He understands how to grab the reader from the beginning and keep them reading to the end. Equally he understands what fuels search results, as the post he wrote for us on 'how to stop people intimidating you' regularly shows up on page 1 of Google." - Erin Falconer

"Mark Tong is one of the most engaging writers I've met. I've had the privilege of hosting him on my blog. His approach is thoroughly structured and well-researched. He has the gift of weaving words with gentle humor and rich takeaway points for the reader. And of course he's an absolute pleasure to work with!" - Vidya Sury

"I couldn't speak more highly of Mark Tong as both a person and a blogger. His posts are always comprehensive and insightful, and he's always a pleasure to work with!" Lori Dench

Readers' comments:

"So many great thoughts in this I'm going to bookmark it." Elle Sommer

"Great post and awesome insights!!" - KG

"These are great, actionable, practical tips! Thanks." - Brenda Spandrio

""Such an important article for newbie vloggers. Definitely recommending it to all my vlogger friends!" - Vishrant Khanna

"I’ve learnt many things from this post." - Rana Shakoor Akbar

"Great points. And if you just read the numbered headlines, you could apply the same rules to any other part of your life... Pull this article out again. Read it. Live it." - Monica

"Excellent post! Inspiring! I’m sharing it and linking to it from my next post." - Lorraine Reguly

"I am SO saving this! And sharing it!" - Jamie Wyatt

"Wow! What an epic post! I’ve bookmarked it so I can return!" - Cylon George

"I don’t think anyone does lists like this better than you do!" - Quinn Eurich


I've written hundreds of articles - here are a couple more written for clients:

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Whatever your needs, just get in touch. I love a challenge, look forward to feedback, and never miss a deadline.


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