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Hi, I'm Mark. I'm a Certified Content Marketer (Smartblogger), Certified Guest Blogger (Smartblogger) and Advanced Google Analytics User (Google), so I understand how to do 3 things well:

Make Clients Happy:

"Mark Tong's posts are always well-researched and engaging. He understands how to grab the reader from the beginning and keep them reading to the end. Equally he understands what fuels search results, as the post he wrote for us on 'how to stop people intimidating you' regularly shows up on page 1 of Google." - Erin Falconer, Pick The Brain

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Make Google Happy: (All these posts rank on Page 1 for their main keyword)

*Please note most of these articles were ghostwritten for clients or written under a pseudonym-and yes, even I had to check the spelling of 'pseudonym' 🙂

How to Rediscover Life’s Magic
40 Ways to Let Go of Anger Right Now 
Double Your Productivity With This One Killer Habit Of The Super Successful 
5 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again (Even if You're an Old Grouch)
5 Simple Tactics to Never Let People Intimidate You Again 
Stop Beating Yourself Up: 40 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic
5 Festive Tips For A Stress-Free Christmas 
8 Top Tools for Vloggers to Crush it in 2018 
How to Stay Blissfully Positive Around Negative People 
10 Surprising Reasons To Stop Trying To Please Everyone 
10 Ways To Stop Feeling Like A Failure As A Writer


A few more things: 

I started out in self-improvement but have written articles on relationships, productivity, minimalism, personal finance, writing, indie publishing and more. They have been published in many top blogs, including Huff Post and sites like Inc and Smartblogger have referenced them, such as here and here.


Here are some examples of my work:

Personal Finance: The Ultimate Guide To Frugal Living in 2019 (Without Being a Cheapskate) (Unpublished: This post was written for Certification)

Blogging: How to Monetize a Website in 2020 (The Definitive Guide) (at 7,800+ words it aims to be)

Relationships: How to Build a Rock Solid Relationship Your Heart will Love (This post received 64 comments)

Productivity: Double Your Productivity With This One Killer Habit Of The Super Successful (This post ranks on page 1 of Google for the keyword: double your productivity)

Minimalism: How to Live With Less Stuff but More Happiness (This post received 39 comments)

Self-Improvement5 Simple Tactics to Never Let People Intimidate You Again (This post ranks on page 1 of Google for the keyword: How to Stop People Intimidating You/Stop people intimidating you)

Writing: 10 Ways To Stop Feeling Like A Failure As A Writer (This post ranks on page 1 of Google for the keywords: Stop feeling like a failure as a writer/feeling like a failure as a writer/failure as a writer/failed writer)

Vlogging: 8 Top Tools for Vloggers to Crush it in 2018 (This post ranks on page 1 of Google for the keyword: tools for vloggers)


Topics: Personal development, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Travel, Writing, Indie Publishing, Blogging, Freelancing, Marketing, Personal finance. Not listed here? Don't worry, I love a challenge. Just email me.
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