Lyn Marler

Compelling Copywriting and Content for Lifestyle, Travel, Info Marketing & More...


Hi there, Lyn Marler from Tampa here.

I use my 5-year background in online marketing to write all kinds of engaging content and copy to elevate your user's experience...

So, your products steal the show!

If you're looking for persuasive writing that entertains in a relaxed, fun way, I'm your writer! So, it’s not surprising that I love writing for lifestyle and travel, with a healthy interest in info marketing.

I specialize in SEO ultimate guide and blog content.

Plus, I can help you with many more primary pieces of the collateral copy that support sales letters:

Online ads, editorial, emails, lead generation, funnels, VSL scripts, and social media.

Let me be your one-stop-shop!

You’ll get the security of knowing that our goals for your content or copy are in line before I write a word. More sales or more authority? No problem. We won’t jump down any rabbit hole before we understand each other.

AND, you’ll feel how much I care for your biz from the get-go. I’m light-hearted, easy to work with, and always professional. You’ll always know the progress of your project, as you’ll get plenty of updates from me without asking.

You can reach me on the contact page of my site (details below). Just fill out a handful of quick details about your needs. That way, I can do a bit of research to make our first chat super productive…

I can wait to meet you!

You’ll find samples of my copy and my contact details here at

Topics: Lifestyle, Travel, Information Marketing & More
Content Marketing Certified - Badge
Content Marketing Certified - Badge