Loes Kotoun

Sprinkles fairy-dust over SEO-friendly words.

I'm an elated Smart Blogger Certified Content Marketing writer on a mission to make my writing the answer to your content prayers. 

Writing has been my jam forever, and in 2007 I started a travel blog just for fun. I did abandon my travel shenanigans fairly quickly, though, not realizing back then that I could someday convert it into a career.

Many years later, after writing successful columns for my employer's magazine, I knew I had to accelerate things.

And then Jon Morrow happened. And the rest is history.

So, why do you need me?

Well, a wishy-washy approach to your website's content/blog section won't cut it. Make your text pieces boring and yawn, you lost me and your audience. Because, you see, understanding how to write is not the same as knowing how to write.

Bottom line: I can fix your yawn material.

I specialize in short and long-form blog posts, but if your About page (or any of your dusty web pages) desperately needs new flashy features, I'm also your go-to girl.

Are you looking for a fun-to-work-with freelance content writer with a casual, entertaining writing style?

If yes, let's connect and check whether we can translate your business desires into top-ranking content material. Cos, really, don't we all want to be Google's BFF?

My feather pen and I are ready to help your business stand out from the crowd by creating engaging, SEO-friendly content.

Let's work together to bring in more traffic and create a higher engagement with your audience!

Last but not least, who am I?

Born and raised in The Netherlands, currently residing about an hour East of our Capital, Amsterdam. In daily life, I cruise European airspace, working for a Dutch airline.

Now onto my writing!

Here are my published articles, of which the first post resides on the SmartBlogger website and still proudly presents itself on Google's page one.

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