Loes Kotoun

Sprinkles fairy-dust over SEO-friendly words.

I'm an elated Smart Blogger Certified Content Marketing writer, on a mission to make my writing the answer to your content prayers. 

Writing has been my jam since long. After starting a travel blog, way before blogging even became an actual thing, I realised writing was actually a pretty cool thing to do. And, not unimportantly, I was kinda good at it. I did abandon my travel  shenanigans fairly quick though, not realising back then I could some day convert it into a career.

Many years later, after writing successful columns for my employers magazine, I knew I had to accelerate things.

And then Jon Morrow happened. And the rest is history.

So why do you need me?

Well, a wishy-washy approach to your website's content/blog section won't cut it. Make your text-pieces flat out boring and, yawn, you lost me and your audience. Because you see, understanding how to write is not the same as knowing how to write.

Bottom line: I can fix your yawn-material.

I specialise in short and longform blog posts, but if your About page (or any other of your dusty web pages) desperately needs some new flashy features, I'm also your go-to girl.

Looking for a fun-to-work-with freelance content writer with a casual, entertaining writing style?

If yes, then let's connect and check whether your business desires can be translated into Page One worthy content material. Cos really, don't we all want to be Google's BFF?

Me and my feather pen are ready to help your business stand out form the crowd by creating attractive, SEO-friendly content. Let's work together to bring in more traffic and create a higher engagement with your audience.

Last but not least, who am I?

Born and raised in The Netherlands, currently residing in the Capital City of the Free World: Amsterdam. In daily life, I cruise European airspace, working for a Dutch airline.

I can meet deadlines like "boom! here's your draft". (unless you want it done yesterday of course). Realistic is the keyword.

Check out my content samples below:

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