Lara Fabans

Data and Keyword driven copy that ranks

As a former technical support engineer, I know how to identify problems, and research solutions. I also know how to communicate with the right voice to the target customer.

As a former program manager, I know how to create accurate estimates so the work gets done on time.

And as a former engineer, I have three computers and two internet providers in my home office with a door that closes.

I've been consulting in SEO/SEM as well as writing for most of the last seven years producing blogs, articles, newsletters, ads, landing pages, emails, and social media. My clients have ranged from B2B web development company all the way to a male enhancement supplement distributor.  I've tested SEO updates by writing for my own blogs and monitor the results.

My certifications also include Google Analytics and Google AdWords for Display and Search. I've published an information product on Facebook Ads as well as Kindle e-books.

Let's figure out what you need and if we're a good fit for one another.

Topics: business, marketing, cooking, health, well-being, diets, holidays, mortgage/real-estate, online advertising
Content Marketing Certified - Badge