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Do you want to grow your business by getting more targeted customers to your website?

Do you want to convert website visitors into paying customers?

Let me guess.

You tried publishing articles on your website but couldn't attract enough targeted SEO traffic. You were also not able to convert the website traffic into paying customers.

You even tried email marketing to connect with your customers and sell your services, but the conversion rate was poor.

 Worst of all, your marketing costs have increased without adding anything to your profits.

It's frustrating.

Without enough website traffic, your brand awareness will be limited, and your business will stagnate.

But there's a way out.

If you want to bring targeted leads from Google with your articles and retain customers that keep buying from you, let me tell you how I solved this problem for my business.

I am KYG, an engineer by qualification and a writer-entrepreneur by passion.

After slogging in government and private companies, I started my first business without any business background or an MBA degree. That meant I had to learn everything myself.

I experimented with different lead generation methods, email marketing, customer retention, etc. We published content but couldn't bring enough targeted traffic to my website. No traffic meant no money for the business.

The result was not one but two failed businesses.

That's when I learned SEO content writing, SEO content strategy, and Email marketing and applied them in my third business.

The result was greater brand awareness, increased targeted traffic to our website, better traffic conversion, returning customers, and more profits.

I am now a Certified Content Writer and Email Marketer, and I help businesses like yours get targeted traffic to their websites from Google by writing articles for them, providing site audit, content plans, etc.

I also help them convert the traffic into buying customers by creating lead magnets, nurturing emails, and selling services through email marketing.

I create persuasive website copy to showcase the brand and connect the customers with your brand value.

I am also certified by Smartblogger in "SEO Content Strategy."

Apart from that, I am a published author in the self-help niche.

I love reading and writing articles on marketing, business, entrepreneurship, motivation, productivity, self-help, and personal development.

Ready to grow your business?

Reach me at to get more targeted website traffic through content writing, create an SEO content strategy, and sell your services through email marketing.

Let’s make your dreams come true!

Topics: Self Improvement, health, marketing, education, small business, entrepreneurship
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