Kerstin Krause

Content Writing That Leaves Readers Wanting More

You know exactly what your community wants. Yet your content isn't getting you the results? And the competiton gets away with most of the traffic?

I understand. And this is where I can be of help for you. 

As a content writer, I take care of your idea and turn it into a post that is well-researched, meets both your needs as well as Google’s SEO tactics, and provides your readership with informative and well-rounded content, whether it is a short- or long-form post or an article.

I am certified from SmartBlogger committed to creating content that moves you ahead of your competition. No matter if you are aiming at growing an audience or engaging more deeply with those already following you: My style is compelling, easy to grasp, and non-judgmental — crucial aspects to building trust and a loyal readership.

When crafting content I do this with heart and passion, based on countless experiences and insights gained from working, living, and traveling in different cultures across continents for long periods of my life. Today, I call both Germany and New Zealand home.

These are the topics I write about: 

  • personal growth
  • women
  • health
  • aging
  • travels
  • motorbiking
  • spirituality

After nearly 2 decades of leadership in international development aide, mentoring and coaching, extensive travels and more recently motorbiking, I am accomplished in essential areas that help your readers master moving times, spark their desire to grow, reach new horizons and embark on transformational journeys to simply create more meaningful — and perhaps courageous — lives.  

What I offer in terms of knowledge, experience, and sensitivity along with telling content writing leads you to where you want to be: a recognized authority in your field. 

Check out what a recent client says about my work:

Kerstin speaks directly to the readers’ hearts. She understands and picks them up wherever they are. She skillfully uses this competence to create content in a refreshing and non-judgmental way that leaves the reader in awe for more. Convincing content, timely delivery, super easy to work with. Great job! I look forward to the next project with Kerstin.

Reiner Krutti, CEO/Founder HeartMath, Germany 

Samples of my work? Click right here: 

  2. upcoming: Senior Travel 101 | Your Ultimate Guide to Tips, Tricks and Travels

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Topics: personal growth, women, aging, health, travels, motorbiking, spirituality
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