Kasturi Patra

SEO driven content creator with a background in finance, technology, personal growth, and culture

You have an amazing product or service that you want people to buy. You need to grab their attention before they decide to buy your products. But people are busy; they might scroll through your page to the next shiny object.

How do you hold their attention?

That’s where I come in.

I am what you get when you marry an astute research analyst with a compelling storyteller.

With a decade long experience as a content strategist and with half a decade’s experience as a fiction writer, I know:

- how to keep your target audience on the page and then convince them to take action.

-how to present the most important information about your business in a compelling, engaging, and effective way.

How do I do this?

Well, I’m a mind reader (kind of).

I know that readers want to be understood. I keep in mind the searcher intent and the pain points of your audience when I write about your business and how it can help address their problems.

You need content

-that’s free of fluff

-that grabs readers' attention

-that motivates your readers to take action.

I create SEO-optimized, mobile friendly, scannable copies for:


-Blogs, and

-Social Media

So far, I have written for businesses and publications in the finance, technology, career, beauty, pop culture, feminism, and personal growth segments.

With master’s degrees in Economics and International Business, I can confidently say that I understand businesses like yours.

With several published short stories and a novel under my belt, I know how to emotionally impact your readers.

My Content Marketing Strategist certification from SmartBlogger further testifies that I can create top ranking and lead generating content for your business.

Want to sample my writing?

Here's my ultimate guide for frugal living:

Frugal Living 2022: Wealthier, Healthier & Happier (70+ Tips!)

During my stint with Trefis, a Boston-based equity analysis firm, I'd written 150+ insightful research articles encompassing macroeconomic trends, industry trends and company dynamics, that were syndicated to leading financial websites such as Forbes, Seeking Alpha and Nasdaq.

Here are a few samples:

Here are some of my viral articles from Women's Web where I worked as a commissioned writer:

I created content from scratch for Nitteo, a US-based startup that helps set global capability centers in India. Below are a few samples:

Here are some of my ghostwritten articles for Resume Genius:

My debut novel, A Mother’s Goodbye, won a novel pitch contest and was published in July 2021.

I look forward to working with you.

Topics: Technology, Finance, Personal Development, Career, Pop Culture, Feminism
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