Karissa Bradley

Crafting Stories with Soul (and SEO)

Content is about connection. 

and I'm all about match-making you and your perfect reader.

I'm Karissa. Content Marketer and SEO writer based in Austin, TX.

You've got a message to share, and an audience desperate to hear it.
It's my job to introduce y'all- usually on the first page of Google.

You can expect engaging content that tells your story, makes you an authority on the matter
and inspires readers to take action.

Digging deep is kinda my thing- I specialize in detailed, long-form content about mental health, wellness, parenting, mindfulness, relationships, and personal growth.

Looking for something more bite-sized to draw in readers? I'm here for it.
Let's talk about your goals for your content.
Once I understand what your needs are, I'll do some competitive research to see what the best content looks like.
From here, you'll get a detailed content outline to review before writing a draft.

I have a knack for writing about topics close to the heart in a conversational, relatable way and I take time to understand your goals.

Check out my sample content here!


Topics: Family and Parenting, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Mindfulness, Mental Health, Motherhood, Health and Wellness, Kids, Lifestyle, Relationships