Julia Woods

Be A Superhero Entrepreneur and get a Writing Sidekick. Find out how my content writing can help you change the world!

As a writing sidekick, I am dedicated to helping my clients change the world. Sharing my joy of storytelling and content marketing, I produce authentic stories and content that are accessible, inspirational and actionable.

On the surface, I offer copywriting and content marketing. But what I really do is give my clients superhuman powers. I take your ideas, dreams, and concepts to create big possibilities by giving you a voice.

My superpower is my ability to make my content express your individuality and have a positive impact. I am a self-motivated writer and editor with incredible attention to detail and outstanding collaboration, organizational, proofreading and writing skills. As a passionate writer and communicator, I'm a true word nerd and enjoy the challenge of writing in different tones, for different audiences and for a diverse range of purposes.

I use my extensive experience and skills from previous roles as a youth worker, advocate, quality assurance officer, lobbyist, artist, and tender coordinator to meet your diverse needs.

I love helping entrepreneurs and businesses, like you, transform their passion into beautiful words, capturing their essence to make a positive impact on the world.

Every Entrepreneur superhero needs a writing sidekick. I would love to help you change the world.

Currently based in Australia, flexible to all timezones.

If you’d like to learn more about what I can do for you, contact me today.

Topics: Marketing, Storytelling, Small Business, Education, Fundraising, Coaching, Career, Non profits, Relationships, Alternative Health, LGBTQI, Travel,
Content Marketing Certified - Badge