Joyce Nielsen

green living copywriter

Hi, I'm Joyce, a freelance wellness and green living copywriter.

I was a critical care nurse in the traditional medical setting for over 15 years. Since then I've come to believe that we need to change our medical model.

We're living longer than ever before and many seniors tell me they want greater control and a better quality of life. Have you noticed the proliferation of "Wellness Centers" lately? They offer chiropractic, massage therapy, and energy medecine modalities.

We also live in toxic homes constructed with conventional building materials and furnishings that emit fumes that can affect us in adverse ways. I champion natural building with straw bale and cob that are nontoxic to human beings. I have participated in a straw bale workshop myself and believe it is a better alternative for the future, especially with the extreme weather conditions happening now.

Why am I different from other copywriters?

I am a certified content marketer from Smart Blogger Campus and have taken many AWAI courses.

My unique experience in both the medical and green living fields means I can provide you with intelligent, informative content to help promote your services. I can help you utilize e-newsletters, articles, blogs, and sales letters to your advantage.

My strong suit is dependability in whatever pursuit I've been engaged in. I possess a strong work ethic and will deliver content to your complete satisfaction.

Samples of my writing can be found on

 http://Senior Travel: The Ultimate Guide for Going Abroad in 2022 . . . and years afterward

and http://Straw Bale Homes: Can They Provide Affordable & Safe Housing?

Interested in working with me? Send your request to

I like to have a 15 minute interview via Zoom or other visual platform of your choice. We can get to know one another and go over details of your proposed project. I use Google Drive to communicate when writing content. I am a team player and will do my utmost to promote your brand.


Topics: green living lifestyle, sustainability, nontoxic homes, earth-friendly, wellbeing, alternative health
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