Josh Lafleur

Do you want to have your content rank number one on Google?

Are you looking for one of the best-trained content marketers in the world?

Do you want someone you can rely on to consistently get you more traffic?

We need to get in touch if you answered yes to any of these questions.

Hello, my name is Josh from a sleepy New Hampshire town.

I write content that is capable of ranking on the first page on Google. 

I have experience writing content in personal finance, personal development, and entrepreneurship.

What the process looks like for you

  • We'll have a talk to see if we are right for each other
  • You will receive a content brief and we'll make sure we are both on the same page before any writing starts
  • Based on what you're looking for, I will send you a detailed outline based on my extensive research and analysis
  • Once you are happy with the outline, I'll be able to start the meat and potatoes of getting you more traffic
  • Once completed, we will discuss any revisions as needed

Check out my sample work:

Frugal Living: The Ultimate Guide To Financial Peace in 2022

I'm looking forward to working with you soon!

Topics: Personal Finance, Health, Entrepenurship, Personal Development
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