Jireh Gibson

Passionate Content Marketer helping companies increase their customer acquisitions, Google rankings, and website conversions.

I'm Jireh and I'm a certified Content Marketer based in Fort Wayne, IN, USA. I have over 10 years of business development, sales, and digital marketing experience.

I provide writing in short and long-form content (such as detailed in-depth case studies, and 'ultimate' guides) about digital marketing best practices, pipeline growth, and SEO. I have the unique gift of writing about topics in an engaging and conversational way with a little added humor.

Regardless of your goal: to attract more search traffic or establish yourself as the subject matter expert, I will not write a single word before I understand your ultimate objective. After we're on the same page, I'll conduct competitive research to uncover what best-in-class content looks like and then create a detailed outline for your review before writing the first word.

If your desire is to work with a writer with deep topic expertise and on that is passionate about achieving client results, then let's have a chat about your objectives and requirements today.

You may review samples of my writing here:

(The first blog post listed is still ranking on page one of Google for the key word 'direct mail retargeting' as of 1/15/22)

What is Direct Mail Retargeting and How Does it Work? 

The Ultimate Small Business Marketing Guide of 2020

Topics: Customer acquisition, SEO, Digital Marketing, Sales Development, Intent Data
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