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SEO-optimized engaging content that your tribe is searching for—holistic health and personal development.

Do you need well-written, authoritative, and compelling SEO-optimized content to impact your market?

I’ve got you covered. I’m an expert in holistic health and personal growth and can address the concerns and needs of this audience, having worked with them for decades.

My writing superpower

Like you, no doubt, I respect the reader’s limited time and attention. I write clear, trustworthy, and engaging content that your readers are looking for.

A recent client, Anthony Metivier, said this:

Jeanette is a creative and proactive writer. She tuned in on exactly what I needed for my site and helped craft content that will work for both human readers and SEO. She even took extra steps to work with the SEO expert on my team.
Jeanette produces clear writing in record time. And the best part is that I couldn’t have written it myself, but it still reads like its in my voice, but 10x better. I highly recommend you choose Jeanette for your next project. I know I will be - very soon.

Do you need someone with experience in formal writing? My academic background taught me the importance of rigor and fact-checking.

Do you prefer a simple, conversational style? See a sample from my e-book on Amazon. I wrote to encourage would-be writers to find their voices and publish their stories.

Am I the writer for you?

Do you need in-depth, comprehensive long-form or shorter online content—including blog posts and ultimate guides—to wow your audience?

Do you need to grow the trust and authority of your blog, brand, or cause?

Do you want writing that optimizes your visibility on Google searches and attracts better customers?

Are your readers interested in:

  • Holistic health
  • Personal development
  • Happiness
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Self-help
  • Creativity
  • Meditation
  • Mindset
  • Mind-body connection
  • Continuing education

I know and write for this audience.

I graduated in psychology and English, have a Diploma in Education, and a Ph.D. in the ancient Vedic science of full human development. I’m an accredited teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique and have run meditation courses and retreats in Australia, the USA, the Netherlands, and Thailand. I’ve created curriculum content on Consciousness-Based Education, edited college papers, and published in an international journal.

Content marketing specialty

I draw on my cultural and teaching experience to create insightful posts that inform and engage your readers.

Are you looking for a content marketer and SEO strategy specialist who will work with you to understand your goal for a post and serve the needs of your market? I'll research your competition and create an outline of topics for your review before writing a draft.

If you want a Smart Blogger Certified Content Marketing and SEO Strategy specialist who has expertise in your topics and gets you results, let’s be in touch to discuss your next project!


For writing samples, see:

Topics: self-help, holistic health, personal development, happiness, continuing education, meditation, mindset, women's empowerment, mind-body connection, book writing, content marketing
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Content Marketing Certified - Badge