Jacline Adhiambo

Writing quality SEO optimized content that will generate traffic to your business


You are an entrepreneur who has a powerful message to share. You genuinely want to help people through your services and products.

However, the challenge is your content needs to be found in the search engines.

This is where I come in.

I am Jackie, a Smart Blogger certified content marketer.

I would like to help you by writing content that will reach your customers and drive traffic to your business.

How is it done?

  1. We will work using a content brief that will help us know what to expect.
  2. I will do a competitive analysis to get the best information to write the content.
  3.  I will come up with a detailed outline after consulting with you and coming to an agreement. I ensure that I understand your goals and needs before embarking on writing.

The content can be long form content like ultimate guides and short form content like list posts.

Why hire me?

I am best to work with because Smart Blogger has trained me on how to create content that is capable of ranking on the search engines. I also understand how to put together an engaging blog post.

Work Samples

  1. Effective Parenting Skills: 10 Practical Ways to Connect Better With Your Child
  2. Sibling Rivalry: 7 Practical Ways To Stop The Constant Fighting


Topics: Parenting, Relationships, Self Development, Christianity and Women.
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