Holly Thompson

Top Notch Health Writing for Real Humans

If you’re in healthcare, you’re busy. You  want to practice medicine and run your practice, not sit at your computer working on your blog or marketing pieces. You’re already spending more time documenting and less time than you’d like with patients.

Yet, you know you need to pay attention to your outreach and on line presence.

I can help. I’m a certified content writer specializing in medical, health, and wellness topics. I’ve practiced for over 25 years so I get it.

I’m a certified functional medicine practitioner as well as a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) with an emphasis on integrative medicine.

As a certified content writer, I can help you by writing engaging blogs, ultimate guides, case studies, and long and short copy.  I love to write and I love to take complex health information and make it understandable and relevant for your readers.

If you work with me, we’ll start by having you describe what you want and what you want it to accomplish. I’ll ask plenty of questions to be sure I understand your needs and desires.

I’ll conduct a competitive analysis so that we can see what’s already written, what’s both positive and negative in what’s out there, and areas we can provide more value. We’ll also get a read on what readers are interested in learning more about.

I’ll then prepare an outline or content brief for your approval before I start the first draft. I’ll include proven content writing and SEO techniques. Based on your feedback, we’ll polish the piece so that it’s something you’re proud to have published and your readers will love to read.

When you work with me, you’ll get top notch health writing with a human touch. Delivered on time.







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