Holly Segel

Experienced writing in biomedical devices that engages readers and helps them connect with your business

I am a certified content marketer (Smartblogger) with over 35 years of experience in the healthcare and biomedical industries.  I also have lived in three countries outside the United States and draw on that cultural knowledge for global impact.

You need first page Google rankings from your posts.  You need emails that get opened, that yield clicks and sales.  Mostly you need content that helps your readers know, like and trust you...and know that you understand them.  I write content that achieves that for you.

I do this by writing email campaigns that boost sales, insightful reviews and articles, blog posts (long and short form), case studies, and other web content for biomedical and healthcare, international living and craft industries.  If you need another form of content, I am here to meet your content needs.

You will find it easy to understand and follow my process:

  • I discuss your goals and expectations with you
  • I complete research to determine what content is in competing blog posts
  • I create an outline based on your needs and my findings
  • I write a final product that satisfies your needs, Google, and the reader

Your needs for email campaigns are different, so I follow a slightly different process.  I add a review of the product and any sales pages that have been created so that I can help your readers see how it helps them and trust that you understand their need for this product.   Then, I write an email campaign that delivers the results you need.

I am easy to work with and I listen well so that you don't have to tell me twice what you need.  I am thorough in my work and I meet deadlines that have been set.  I don't waste words on content that distracts or is unnecessary to the goal.

You can find an ultimate guide I wrote here:  The Ultimate Guide to Senior Travel: Noteworthy Tips To Get You On Your Way (With 25+ Helpful Links)

Here is an article that I had published about ethics and treatment for swallowing impairment:  To Feed or Not To Feed

Also, another article on that topic:  Guidelines for Patient Refusal of Life-Sustaining Treatment


Contact me to find out how I can help your readers relate to you and respond to your content.


"Holly helped us complete our first project with Catchafire.  She produced thank you letters that look great and it was easy and pleasurable to work with her."  Lesley Marchessault, Provincetown Art Association and Museum

Topics: Biomedical, Healthcare, International Living, Crafts & Hobbies
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