Hassan Ud-deen

Digital Marketing, B2B tech + SaaS Copywriter: Helps companies with strategic SEO woven content that ranks and engages customers

Looking for a content marketer who creates valuable content that not only climbs Google pages, but attracts traffic and more customers?

My name's Hassan, nice to meet you...

Featured in front of millions online on sites like Unbounce, Shopify and Quickbooks my work has increased traffic and sales for my clients. I'll let them do the talking: 


Hassan's content helped with our SEO diversification strategy. We made awesome traction with a few competitive keywords getting into the TOP 10. We were very happy with the results.”—Jonathan Milne,Chief Marketing Officer—Klipfolio. 

amanda  amanda 2

(Amanda Durepos - Content Coordinator at Unbounce)

Thank the heavens for Hassan! Sometimes it can be like pulling teeth
to get people to write non-boring B2B content. Hassan leaves a trail
of text that are mental bonbons that you can't stop gobbling up

Sean Work - Editor at Kissmetrics

Here's a glimpse of my most popular work:

Digital Marketing/B2B



"Pieces of content you delivered were awesome." Satya Van Hyumen, Content Coordinator Fileboard.

My online activities/experiences include:

  • Launching my own sports accessory brand to help people deal with flat feet/chronic foot pain-Dr.Comprex 
  • Running content promotion and outreach. I have used both to generate over 1k/month traffic to my website and create an email list.
  • Writing 5-10k+ word “lead magnets” on tight deadlines.
  • Working with industry leading sites like Kissmetrics, Shopify, Conversion Xl and Problogger.
  • Strategizing and scheduling content that increases traffic and engagement. 
  • Running PPC ads to grow my Amazon business to 1k+ monthly revenue.

Hassan is one of those writers who simply "gets it". He knows what it takes to create awesome content. B2B-type content is filled with "meh" content, but Hassan has always been able to turn "meh" topics into "wow" content. Edward Dennis- Core Dna


  • Google Adwords Certification
  • Comfortable with Wordpress CMS+basic HTML
  • Smart Blogger Guest Blogging Program Graduate
  • Strong Microsoft Excel knowledge
  • Smarblogger Content Marketing Certification

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