Greg Webster

Be Different . . . Get Noticed. I Can Help You Do It.

Be Different . . . Get Noticed. I Can Help You Do It.

Finding different angles on whatever is not only a theme in my own life, but it makes for content writing that rises above the torrent of online information.

As blogger, ghost-writer, and creative director, I’ve spent 20-something years crafting meaningful and attention-getting pieces of writing.

What Can I Say?

From my home base in Giles County, Tennessee (a piece of rural America 70 miles south of Nashville), I enjoy traveling the American countryside which energizes one of my specialties—travel writing.

And wherever I go, I often have multiple members of my family of eight children with me. That spurs plenty of experience for writing about family and parenting.

Finally, because I personally pursue ways to live “out of the box,” writing about life planning and purpose, entrepreneurial living, and personal growth and spirituality also fit naturally.

I Make Me Sound Like You

When writing for others, one of my greatest strengths is making what I say sound like you said it. My clients consistently appreciate how well I capture “their voice.”

This comes from the joy of listening hard to what someone needs and interacting sensitively in the creative process.

And once we’re together on what you want me to say for you, there’s no need to look over my shoulder. I’ll handle whatever additional research is needed and make sure our project summary, outline, and deadlines are followed to a T.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about their experience of working with me:

Greg is excellent at what he writes and edits. He’s a true veteran and professional in the trade. I highly recommend him. — Brian Viers, CEO of Viers Coffee Company

Greg Webster is one of the most gifted writers in the publishing world. It was Greg who helped me clearly communicate the stories that God had written on my heart. His experience and giftedness will accelerate your writing project. — Tom Doyle, Founder and President of Uncharted

Greg was encouraging and gifted at guiding me. It was a true joy to work with him. — Angel Davis, counselor and author

I couldn't have produced my book without Greg’s involvement, guidance and inspirational words. It was a rewarding and enjoyable experience.— Joe Greene, Retired CEO of Health Management Associates

See What I Mean

If you want to check out my blog samples for yourself, here are links to several in the different categories I mentioned above:

And in case you’re curious about my book-writing background, you can have a look at my portfolio here:

I’ll be happy to talk about whatever writing project you have in mind. Please get in touch at to start our conversation.

Topics: Travel, Life Planning & Purpose, Family & Parenting, Entrepreneurial Living, Personal Growth & Spirituality
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