George Hayes

Get More Search Traffic And Rank High On Google

Who I am:

I am a content creator based in the southwest. I have more than 15 years of experience in software training and coaching, from Professional Development continuing education software training to Electronic Medical Records software training. Since I retired from software training in 2020, I’ve been doing freelance writing.

What I do:

I create content for small businesses needing expert value-added content for their websites and blogs. Specializing in comprehensive 3,000+ word guides on your digital marketing niche to drive traffic to your website and convert sales.

How I work:

  • I start all projects by asking my clients to fill out (or send) a creative brief detailing their target audience, keywords, and objectives.
  • I then conduct competitive research, gathering information on what we can do better.
  • I'll submit an outline for edits and approval.
  • Included in my fees are 2 drafts with edits and then a final deliverable.
  • My writing style is informative.
  • I typically quote work based on a per-hour fee.

My Portfolio:

Small Business Marketing: The Ultimate 2021 Guide

How to Get More People to Read Your Content! 5 Ideas That Really Work

Why you should hire me:

My primary writing focus is on articles, blogs, and site content. In addition, I have expert knowledge, interest, and personal experience in Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, and SEO. My content is easy to read, informative, interesting, and search engine friendly.

Topics: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, Web Development
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