George Hayes

Dominate Your Niche and Grow Your Business!

Who I am:

I am a content creator based in the southwest. I have more than 15 years of experience in software training and coaching, from Professional Development continuing education software training to Electronic Medical Records software training. Since I retired from software training in 2020, I've been doing freelance writing.

What I do:

I create content for small businesses needing expert value-added content for their websites and blogs. Specializing in actionable how-to and list posts, real-life case studies, and comprehensive 3,000+ word guides for your digital marketing niche to drive traffic to your website and convert sales.

How I work:

  • I start all projects by asking my clients to fill out (or send) a creative brief detailing their target audience, keywords, and objectives.
  • I then conduct competitive research, gathering information on what we can do better.
  • I'll submit an outline for edits and approval.
  • Included in my fees are two drafts with edits and then a final deliverable.
  • My writing style is informative.
  • I typically quote work based on a per-hour fee.

My Portfolio:

Small Business Marketing: The Ultimate 2021 Guide

How to Get People to Read Your Blog! 5 Ideas That Work

Why you should hire me:

You shouldn't be burdened with creating content when you could be focusing on your business's competencies and customer satisfaction.

The intense pressure to create quality content for your niche takes expertise and time you may not have. I can help. Handoff your content marketing to a certified content writer so you can focus on growing your business and enjoying life.

Topics: Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Optimization, Web Development
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