Frances Trelease

Your Message. Your Medium. Your Way.

Hi, I’m Fran, a healthcare, lifestyle and legal copywriter. And college professor. And mom.

I began writing at a small-town newspaper, covering everything from lost dogs to police blotters. Later, I brought an MBA and a passion for writing to corporate America. Promotional pieces found me kayaking in the heartland, mingling with tobacco farmers in Kentucky, and swapping stories with the original Little Rascals.

I learned to highlight stories behind the stories, and weave them into copy for industry leaders in health, wellness and law.  More than simply writing copy, I shine a light on topics from the inside out.  In healthcare, I have deep topic knowledge because I’ve been a patient.

Since a scary DCIS diagnosis in 2014, I’ve explored the medical care model from every angle – from overwhelmed patient to empowered decision maker. Today, I empower readers with copy that lights the way in their own journey. From technical topics to human; traditional medicine to holistic. I’ve been there.  

I also ghost write law blogs that weave humor and humanity into stressful life events. So you’re getting a divorce. But wait. Who gets Fido, the family dog? Your child sees a therapist. Should the therapist appear in family court?

I challenge a belief that technical should intimidate. Through long-form style blogs, articles and speeches, I put a face to your content so it speaks to your reader. Every topic has an element of humanity. I bring that out for you.

What’s my process?

A blend of interviewer, storyteller and “accuracy nerd” who needs to get the story right. It’s your story, from your perspective. Your copywriting goals matter, and your goals are mine.

Why am I different from other copywriters?

Because what I AM – and what I BRING – are different things.

What I AM: content marketing certified, published author, winner of writing awards, experienced college writing instructor.

What I BRING: your voice and your message, told through your medium.

The content I create is only as good as the results you earn. That’s why I’m here.


Topics: healthcare, lifestyle, consumer law
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