Eric Butts

I write content to help you get found by the people who need it most AND keep them coming back for more. Marketing, Tech, and Career expertise.

Do you want more readers to find you online?

Once they find you, are you looking for content to grab your readers by the eyeballs and keep them wanting more while building your authority?

If so, we should get in touch. And here’s why...

As a Certified Content Marketer, you can be sure I'm an expert in writing high quality content from a reader perspective. You can also sleep easy knowing I have an understanding of SEO so those high quality posts will also help your target audience find you. 

Put those things together and you have the foundations of a site that attracts high volume of traffic that will become regular readers.

The intersection of my professional training (CPA & MBA). client work (5 years working in software), and personal life (2 children and 2 dogs) positions me to cover a range of topics. Not to mention I've written hundreds of posts over the last seven years.

I specialize in well-research long-form content for SEO and crafting story-based content to "edu-tain" readers.

Topics I cover:

  • Marketing -- Marketing is constantly changing which is what makes it difficult to stay relevant but also one of the more interesting topics to cover
  • Careers / Professional Development -- I've been coaching professionals formally and informally for more than a decade. Part of what helps give relevant perspectives is I still live in the corporate world
  • Technology / SAAS --  Between working with clients of all kinds of sizes in Silicon Valley for the last 6 years as management consultant and studying entrepreneurship for the last 10 years, I bring a perspective you won't find elsewhere
  • Finance / Accounting/ Bookkeeping -- As .a writer who is also a certified public accountant (CPA), I can take topics people aren't "numbers people" fear and break them down to easily understand
  • Parenting -- Parenting is hard but I love it and think a lot of people could benefit from more dialogue on what it takes to have a partnership between parents where appreciation is high and resentment is low

Writing Samples:


Small Business Marketing Made Simple: The Ultimate Guide (2019)

How to Take Notes in Meetings Like the Rich and Powerful

If you like my writing style and one of the topics I cover is a fit for you, shoot me an email with the details of what you need and I'll get back with you to coordinate a time for us to chat.

Topics: Marketing, Careers, Finance, Technology, Personal Finance, Parenting, Sleep Apnea, Accounting, Bookkeeping
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