Enrique Palomares

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Hey, Enrique here 🙂

I’m a result-oriented and determined SEO content writer based in Mexico. I recently became certified by Smart Blogger and I’m constantly improving my skills. 

All I care about is writing useful blog posts that bring traffic to your website so you can generate as many qualified leads, email subscribers, and sales as possible—that’s ultimately what you are hiring me for.

I also want to save you time. You just let me know the keywords you want to rank for and what you want to accomplish, and I can take care of the rest. 

My work consists of in-deep research to find the answers your potential customers want and figure out how to beat your competitors. I’m not an expert in your industry, so besides my research, I may reach out to you to clarify important points.

Check out my most recent blog post.

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Topics: Finance, Personal Development
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