Donna Figel

Creating Content That Fulfills Your Mission, Captivates Your Readers, and Grows Your Audience
You found your passion and you are on a mission.
You created your website.
You are writing and posting content consistently.
Wait!  Only a few visitors a day are reading your content?
What's happening?


Here Is Where I Can Help

Welcome to the wonderful and perplexing world of the internet!

Hi, my name is Donna.  I am so excited to finally meet you.  I'm based in Upstate New York.  I have over 20 years of experience in the technology, recycling, and hospitality industries and I am a real tech nerd and personal growth enthusiast.

What Makes Me Different

I pursued and earned my content marketing certification through Smart Blogger, that was not an easy certification to earn.  Jon Morrow and his team trained me with specific SEO and writing skills to create content worthy of ranking high in the search engines.
I can say I am a writer, and that would be true. What you may not know is my writing is fueled by the need to provide the best content to readers and a fully optimized post to my clients utilizing the technology that is capable of placing your post on the 1st page of Google.
I am on a mission to help solopreneurs and small businesses fulfill their missions, captivate their readers and grow their audiences.
I shout my mission proudly from the mountain tops!
Perhaps you heard me and that's how you found me?  Awesome sauce!


My Process For Creating The Magic

I write short and long form content. In fact, I earned my certification by writing an ultimate guide on chatbot software (a link to the guide is below).
I follow an effective and proven process in writing content for the web, let me explain:
  • We work together to complete a content brief.  If you are not familiar with a content brief, no worries, we work through it together.
    • This brief will be the roadmap I will follow in writing your desired post.
    • This brief will also keep us both on the same page throughout the project.
  • I then go through a process of researching your competitors and analyzing keywords to create an outline for your approval.
    • We will discuss the outline and once the outline is finalized with your stamp of approval,  I will begin the writing process.
    • It may take several conversations to finalize the outline and that is fine.
  • I will then provide a draft of the post  for your approval.
    • Again, we will discuss any thoughts or concerns you may have about the draft before I write another word.
  • I wrap up the project with a post that meets your objectives and Google's ranking requirements.

Why Should You Work With Me

When you take a tech nerd, add a Smart Blogger content marketing certification and a cup of tenacity, what do you get?
One highly driven individual that strives to produce the highest level of content that produces the desired results for my clients.  That's me!
You can view a couple samples of my work here:

Next Step ...

Sound good?  Great!  Send me an email on your latest project and let's schedule a time to talk.


Topics: Technology, Self-Improvement, Hospitality, Productivity, Leadership, Personal Growth, Health and Wellness, Creativity
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