Jamie Dech

Marketing Content With Impact


It's what you want: compelling, engaging content that instills confidence and authority; and yet, with the feeling of approachability and trust.

I am skilled at taking difficult, technical subjects and making them simple for readers in a way that builds authority, trust and confidence.

My background:

Technology - over 30 years of electrical/electronics/machine control - in various manufacturing settings. Part of my skill set is the ability to interface well with management and non-technical people, drilling down through the levels of communication and understanding to find out what they really need; and then, having done so, find a way to deliver that to them from a technical standpoint.

Artistic: I have a life-history of involvement in music. I play several woodwind instruments in various capacities including concert band, symphony, studio recording and live jazz performance.

I believe this combination of technical and artistic life experience positions me to write rich, expressive content that connects with the reader and develops authority for your web-based business.

Writing Samples:

I am comfortable writing in technical and technological fields, music & arts, travel, money & finance.

8 Tips For Smart Spending On New Saxophone Gear

Savvy Senior Travel: The Ultimate Guide For 2020 (With 16 Essential Tips)

(Other samples available on request.)

If you think my unique background and content writing skills might help you accomplish your business goals, perhaps it would do well for us to talk.

Feel free to reach out.


Topics: Technical Writing, Technology, Manufacturing, Music And The Arts, Religion, Politics
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