Diana Carson-Walker

I will help you get Google’s attention while keeping your reader’s attention. Useful information delivered in an approachable voice.

I specialize in engaging, well-researched, informative content in health/fitness, personal growth, and environmental topics. Whether it’s a sidebar or a full in-depth article, I attract traffic and keep people reading by giving them easy-to-understand information that is immediately useful.

I understand audience connection and research. My SEO certification from Smart Blogger means I write content that gets you traffic. My science and communication background means I build your reputation as a trustworthy expert, by making complex topics understandable and interesting.

What to expect:

  1. You and I chat. I want to understand your goals so we can craft a strategy together. 
  2. I research. I look for the best current content in your topic, then create a detailed outline that will please your readers while helping search engines find it. 
  3. We review that outline and I write a draft in a fitting tone for your needs. With experience addressing audiences from grade school through Ph.D. - I can find a zone that informs and engages. Finally, we refine the draft, creating a piece you are proud to show your readers.

Why I’m an excellent choice

You’re looking for traffic- I use SEO strategies to make every article capable of ranking on first page Google results.

You’re looking for clicks and reads - I weave your reader’s story into the piece so they can SEE how this information applies to THEM. They want to read it!

You’re looking for accuracy - I use authoritative, up-to-date sources.

As a professional, I take deadlines seriously and communication is key. I can also make recommendations for visuals and I’m happy to work with a designer as you need.  

Let's chat and see how I can help

You can find samples of my writing here.

Topics: health/wellness, environmental, self-improvement, personal growth, parenting, how-to
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