Craig Greenlee

Persuasive copy that delivers desired results

Hello, I’m Craig, a certified content marketing specialist who lives in North Carolina. Providing quality content, meeting deadlines, and being easy to work with are my core strengths.

Writing is my passion. Photography and graphic design are my second loves.

WHAT I DO: I enjoy writing compelling copy that persuades readers to take action. My conversational writing style enables me to take complex concepts and explain those concepts in a concise manner that’s easy to understand.

Using proven SEO strategies, the articles, blog posts and web content I produce will ultimately rank on the first page of Google, which guarantees a boost in website traffic.

HOW I DO IT: My collaborative approach with the people I work with is straight-forward. The client talks, I listen.

Thorough research and strong interviewing skills help me to craft relevant messages that pinpoint why your product or service is the right choice for the client.

Although my primary niches are e-learning, health and wellness, and personal finance, I’m not limited to those fields.

As a former magazine correspondent, I wrote feature articles that covered a wide range of subjects which ran the gamut from police brutality on college campuses, to the shortage of black male school teachers, to Olympic track legend Florence Griffith-Joyner.

WHY CHOOSE ME?: What I’m especially good at is story-telling that’s insightful, engaging and informative.

All copy submitted is manually proofread by me and checked for grammatical errors and typos. This ensures that you receive the highest quality content on a consistent basis. Your success is my success.

Here are a few samples of my published work for your review:

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Topics: E-learning, health and wellness, personal finance
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