Colin Linnett

No Fluff Professional Content That Get’s YOU Results

I’m Colin, a certified content marketer from the UK.

I have extensive knowledge and experience in writing content that gets results. I use various styles, techniques, and my wealth of experience to create content that gets you long-term streams of traffic.

Traffic that brings you clients, authority, and sales.

Why Choose Me?

Whatever the client's budget, my focus never changes — It’s all about you!

I want to be the only writer you think about for content creation.

The best way to achieve this is by impressing you with quality content and providing a second-to-none service. I have lots of articles ranking in the first position on Google, and hundreds more ranking on the first page (See Samples Below)

My Writing Style

My writing style is ‘real-world’ (relaxed & informal) unless otherwise requested — almost like talking to a friend or colleague face-face.

I break the content creation down into four parts to maximize results:

  1. Headline — Arguably, the most crucial part of the content. I like to grab the reader's attention, and a great headline will do this. I have comprehensive knowledge of ‘headline creation,’ and I will offer my recommendations to you if I feel that your headline could be improved.
  2. Opening — I like to tap into the reader’s emotions. This is made possible by competitive research and experience in the niche topic. Like the headline, if the article’s opening doesn’t draw the reader in, you risk the chance of them not reading the rest of the content.
  3. Hypnotic Middle — This is where I use captivating sub-heads to keep the reader interested. Again, it’s all about emotions: Surprise, Curiosity, Jealousy, and Personality are all considered when writing the middle section of the article. The goal of the middle (Subheads) is to keep those that skim through an article interested.
  4. Fascinating Close — This is where I get the reader to take action. I use various techniques to make this possible. The purpose of any article is to make the reader feel inspired to share, like, react, and ultimately purchase.

Every client receives the following:

Excellent Customer Service — You will receive the highest customer service possible from me. I will respond to your queries and questions promptly.

Content Brief Review — I will perform a full review of the content brief—keywords, related keywords, headlines, searcher intent, expectations, and more. Everything will be analyzed and scrutinized before I start to write.

10x research — I perform extensive competitive analysis and research methods using a thorough approach that enhances the quality of the content.

SEO — I plan the best SEO strategy for the content using the latest SEO methods for 2022. This will provide you with an article/blog post capable of ranking high in the search engines for a long time.

Outline Approval — Unless otherwise requested, I will provide the content outline for you to approve before starting the article.

Completed content — I will write the content in full within the time frame agreed.

Samples Of My Work

Below is a small selection of my previous work. (More can be supplied upon request)

Article Currently Ranking Number One In Google:

How To Make Money With 5000 Dollars 

Sedo vs Afternic

How To Grow A News Website

WordPress Amazon Product Importer Tools: 

How To Write A Business Apology Email:

I have over 100 articles published on Niche, with around 90% ranking on the first page on Google — You can view them all via my author page below:

Niche Pursuit articles by Colin Linnett

Other articles can be found at:

My author page on


Author page on Stream SEO

The article below is an ultimate guide on frugal living:

Frugal Living (Published on Medium)

And finally, the one below is published on

Grammarly Alternatives

Happy Clients

Colin was a pleasure to work with and responded to my questions quickly and professionally. The quality of the article was exceptional, and I would 100% use his writing services again.

Joel - Social-Boost.C0

"Colin has written several articles for our project about sports trading. It was gorgeous, really. The style he writes is engaging, informative, structured, and really useful. He always follows the deadlines and task requirements. I'm glad to work with such a professional like Colin is. Truly recommend him!"

Egor - Upwork Client

"Expert delivery from Colin. Well written and researched."

Stuart - WagerLab

If you’re looking for the best writer that gets results and treats his clients like royalty, then look no further than Colin.

Sharon – Balloon Decorators

"Great experience. Colin is responsive in his communication, follows briefs very closely, and writes readable and informative content. Highly recommended."

Joseph Haliday - Kingsgate Copy

All testimonials can be verified upon request.

What Can I Provide You?

  • Blog Posts/Articles (how-to, List Post, Ultimate Guides, Roundups, Case Study, etc.)
  • Product Reviews
  • Email Copy

Want To Work With Me? Great, here’s what happens next

It all starts with a friendly email.

You contact me at the following email address:

This helps me to get to know what your needs and expectations are. It also gives you a chance to ask me any questions.

If the initial email chat goes well and you’re happy to continue, you can either continue with email or jump on a call with me to finalize the project.

Content Briefs

I like to work with content briefs — This is how I create content that’s perfect for you.

A content brief is a short one-page document that enables me and you to be on the same page for your requirements.

Most professional writers use content briefs, but we can discuss this in the initial email if you don’t want or don’t have time to fill in a content brief.

Time For Me To Start The Project.

I will ensure the content is of the highest standard using my experience and skills as a fully certified content marketer.


Q: Do you use contracts?

Not really, unless requested by the client.

Q: Will I sign a non-disclosure statement?

Yes, if that’s what you request.

Q: How much do you cost to hire?

I’m not a cheap writer.

That being said — I’m not overly expensive either (Not Yet)

I like to work with clients who understand the importance of quality content. Those who recognize the value of investing in their respected businesses.

I also value my time, your time, and my content marketing skills, so I refuse to work with clients looking for a cheap fix.

I tend to charge by the project, but my typical rate is $0.015 per word.

Example: A 1,500 word article/blog post will cost ($225).

Note: Your blog post/article will typically need to be longer than the competition to rank high in the search engines. (This is one of the many SEO strategies that I use when writing content). For this reason, some content will need to be longer than 1500 words for ranking purposes. But, again, we can discuss this in more detail during the email consult.

Note: Above prices are estimated in US currency.

Q: How can I pay you?

Paypal, or Bank Transfer

Q: What is your typical turnaround time?

I provide all clients with an estimated turnaround date that shows the project’s start and end date.

Q: What about images?

A: It’s your responsibility to provide the images.

Q: What if I don’t want or have time to fill in a content brief?

A: I understand. I can fill in the content brief for you for a small added fee.

Q: Are there any topics you won’t write about?

A: No

Q: Do You Offer any other services?

Yes. I offer content editing and proofreading at rates of $0.06 per word.

Topics: Business, Internet Marketing, Personal Finance, Blogging, Direct Mail, Frugal Living, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Personal Development, Relationships
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