Cathy Hutchison

I help leaders create content that builds their authority and establishes them as thought leaders in the marketplace.

What people are saying...

"Cathy Hutchison is brilliant at helping thought leaders craft their ideas into content. She understands SEO and executes in a way that has intelligence and heart." - Jon Morrow, CEO, SmartBlogger

"Cathy Hutchison is the most valuable go-to person in my network. I am making a fast pivot in my business model to focus on social media and online content. I've hired her to help me in that transition. I'm a book writer. That's my problem. Cathy is a guru for online copy. She is literally my copy whisperer." - Rex Miller, CEO, Mindshift

If you want to become known for something online, Cathy Hutchison can help.

My A-game is helping professionals establish their authority as thought leaders through articles, reports, features, case studies, emails, and SEO-driven content.

Whether you need journalistic-style content or a ghost writer to mirror your voice,  I can interview you, help you organize your ideas, and create SEO-optimized, ready-to-publish pieces that connect your name with the ideas most important to your success.

I have over 20 years of pitching and publishing with trade publications and can craft targeted content for the print and online journals that matter in your industry. (Or I can just help you craft pieces to raise your status on LinkedIn.)

What you'll get

  • A professional who knows how to work with busy leaders who have difficulty finding time to create content.
  • An experienced interviewer who will help you get your ideas out of your head and into a publishable format.
  • A writer who specializes in scannable, conversational, SEO-optimized, online copy that gets you noticed.

If you are a leader who needs to publish high-quality content, I can help. Shoot me an email at (And check out the samples below.) 

Ghostwriting samples

Sample articles

Topics: Marketing, Leadership, Professional Development
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