Carolyn Hoffert

Tight copy. Traffic-driven results.

I am a certified, freelance content marketing specialist, ghostwriter, and creative writer living in Utah. My goal is to drive traffic to your site, boost credibility, and bring in business. Through proven techniques, an open communication style, and thorough briefs and outlines, I will help research the competition to create SEO optimized articles and content that will help you rank the best you can on google.

Whether you're looking for something carefree, witty, informational, or serious, I'm confident I can match the tone you're looking for and produce successful results.

Feel free to check out my most recent ultimate guide blog post:

"Am I a People Pleaser?" Top 10 Traits (+ How to Set Boundaries So You Can Stop)

And coming soon: Freeplay App's blog, for which I write exclusively.

Topics: self-help, health, well-being, personal care, motivation
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