Brianne Bagge

Results-Driven SEO Content Writer

If you're going to market your content, you must know your customer.

The more you know your customer, the easier it is to create content that appeals to their needs.

The key is to find the overlap between what you want to create and what your customer wants to see.

Hi! I'm Brianne, an SEO content writer based out of Oregon with a passion to develop content that meets your wants, the needs of your audience, and meets Google's requirements. Your audience will find what they search for in the blog posts I write for you.

Need monthly SEO blog posts to engage your audience? I got you.

Want to build your brand on social media? You got it.

Does your website need a content redesign? I can help.

I write long-form, SEO blog posts for real estate and SaaS companies. And I'm a research nut. I thrive on finding valuable information for your content.

Why hire me?

I can help you stand out in a crowded market and build a loyal following by creating content that your audience understands, is exciting, and drives them to take action.

As someone who had a hard time understanding the nitty gritty of SaaS and real estate, I can relate with your audience. I can simplify these topics for your audience in a way that diminishes their fears of the 'unknown.'

What's the process?

Being the socialite I am, I love to collaborate. So, before I write for you, let's hop on a call to discuss your goals and what you want to achieve. We'll agree on a content brief and success criteria to develop an outline we both feel good about. From there, I'll take the work off your hands and create engaging SEO content for you. My experience is predominately in real estate and SaaS. That being said, I have a passion for health and wellness, having transformed my own life through fitness and food. And I'll write about anything from general to the most technical topics. I've a keen eye for detail and creativity.


"Brianne is a great writer! She follows instructions and meets deadlines. She's very nice, polite, and communicative. It was great working with her!"

- Talia Itzhak, Head of Content, Twist Digital Entertainment


"Brianne is easy to communicate with, very cooperative, and met her deadlines. She wrote several in-depth articles optimized with SEO. I highly recommend working with her!"

- Kimberly Blaker, Founder of KB Creative and Digital Services


My experience and writing examples:

Writing in real estate

Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginner Investors in 2021

SEO copywriter for marketing agency

How to Practice Facebook SEO (front page of Google)

SaaS SEO content writer

How to Structure Your Call Center (front page of Google)

Website I created

Do More with Do Bar


Knowing what your audience wants is critical. And staying consistent with your content as a business owner isn't easy.

My super power is helping others communicate clearly through writing compelling content that drives your audience to take action.

Email me if you're ready to take your content to the next level!

Topics: Real Estate, SaaS, B2B, Tech
Content Marketing Certified - Badge