Brent Crowley

You. Me. We share the same goal: writing posts that rank to drive traffic.

You’ve done the heavy lifting. The strategy is in place. Now you just need to generate some content to drive your readers there. The catch? You don’t have the time to write the content, right?

You’ve got your target keyword. Now you just need a couple of thousand words to back it up. That’s the decision point. You can do it, but you could also be dedicating your precious hours to growing your business elsewhere. 

Why bottleneck yourself? You can’t do everything so delegate the less interesting tasks to someone who wants to do it.

That’s me, Brent. The certified content marketer through Smart Blogger who shares the same goal as you: writing posts that rank. 

I help online businesses increase organic traffic by writing blog posts that rank. I specialise in education, marketing, entrepreneurship, digital technology, productivity and self-help (specifically empathy). I can also write content for YouTube videos that rank organically in the top 3 of longtail keywords.

Here’s how it works.

I understand the most important part of ANY relationship is understanding each other. To help me understand your requirements, you’ll complete a content brief (or send one through) to make clear the specific goals you have in mind

Once we’re on the same page, I’ll use the keyword to conduct some competitor research of what’s currently out there. This research will inform a general outline that I’ll send through to you. Once you approve the outline to ensure it meets your goals, I’ll put rubber to the road and generate a draft

Here’s a couple of samples to see what lies beyond the draft:

So how about it? 

Start driving traffic to your site today and reach out.

Topics: productivity, education, digital technology, self-help, empathy, travel
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