Barry Gold

You hate to write. I actually like it. We should talk.

Writing's such a grind, don't you think?

Of course, you know a well-written post can drive customers to your business. But you sure don’t want to write it. It’s hard. It’s painful. To just sit there and try to think up stuff to say — that’s awful.

Which is why you’re here. You’re looking for someone to do it for you. Someone who’ll endure that misery instead of you.

But here’s the thing: I actually love writing. I really do. My best days are the ones spent at my desk, on a project, picking the right words, trying them one way, then another, doing whatever it takes until they’re just right.

I’ve been doing it for decades, for several different mediums.

I had a good run writing network sitcoms. Among the stars who’ve said my words are Jason Bateman, Gerald McRaney, Ed Asner, and the kid who played Urkel. (Here are my credits)

I’ve also written for local television news, both straight news and entertainment.

I created the website, and published a book of interviews, Gray Divorce Stories.

I wrote for Huffington Post back when it was good.

And now I’ve moved to Content Marketing, becoming certified by the fine folks at Smart Blogger. So in addition to whatever writing experience and skills I have, I’ve been trained on creating compelling articles and posts that rise to the top of Google and produce results for my clients.

Wondering what topics are in my wheelhouse? Actually, it doesn’t really matter.

I’ve been trained to conduct an analysis of your competition. After doing that, I’ll either know enough, or know what questions I need to ask you.

Let me mention, though, a few specific areas of expertise:

I’m knowledgeable in personal finance, having successfully passed the Series 65 to qualify as an Investment Advisor. I also have my Series 6 and 63. Additionally, I’m a licensed agent for life insurance and health insurance.

I also have some life coaching experience, and am a Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach.

Being a Baby Boomer, having gone through a Gray Divorce, and running my website have me quite attuned to the life and relationship issues faced by my demographic.

Most of the writing I’ve done has been very collaborative. And that continues with Content Marketing. You and I will communicate, then I’ll develop a detailed content brief spelling out exactly what your post will be.

Once we're on the same page, we’ll both be happy: me busy writing your content, you doing all the other things necessary to make your business successful.

Here's an example of an ultimate guide post I wrote:

Caring For an Elderly Parent at Home (Comprehensive 2021 Caregiver Guide)

Send me an email and let’s get started…


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