Barbara Sturm

Generating leads with engaging and inspirational SEO-focused content

I am a SmartBlogger Certified Content Marketing Writer based in the Dallas area with over twenty years of business experience as a developer, data analyst and project manager.  As a baby boomer, I have an active interest in health, wellness and the fine art of aging gracefully.   

I specialize in writing engaging, well-researched articles on topics related to aging, parenting/grandparenting, medical conditions, time management, arts and crafts and interior design.   My inspirational content is written with SEO strategies and tactics that work to deliberately attract and connect engaged readers with my clients.

Here are some samples of my content:

How to Use Rosemary:  A Creative Guide for DIY Gifts, Holiday Decor, Party Foods (and More!)
(Appears on first page of Google Search result for target keyword "how to use rosemary creatively")

The Senior Travel Guide to Explore the World on Your Terms (With Senior Travel Tips)

How to Get Your New Driver's License in 45 Minutes (or Less) at the DMV


Topics: Aging, Parenting & Grandparenting, Health & Medical Conditions, Time Management, Arts & Crafts, and Interior Design
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