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Generating leads with engaging and inspirational SEO-focused content

I am a Certified Content Marketing Writer and SEO Strategist in the Dallas area. I help online consumer-facing businesses grow their audience by strategically planning and writing web content that gets them on the first page of Google.

My proven SEO keyword analysis, tactics, and writing techniques consistently produce top-ranking inspirational content that attracts and connects engaged readers with my clients.

I specialize in researching and writing compelling articles on a variety of topics including (but not limited to) aging, the art of writing, food & beverage, arts & crafts, and interior design.

Here's what client Kevin J. Duncan, Editor-in-Chief at had to say:

"Barbara Sturm makes my job easier. She writes with personality, creating solid, engaging content that’s both educational and entertaining. I highly recommend her."

James Youngblood, Assistant Blog Editor at said:

"I’ve had the genuine pleasure of working with Barbara, first as her editor, then during her time as an Associate Editor for Smart Blogger. Not only is she a clear and clever writer with an eye for details, she’s also well-organized, prompt, and a great communicator. Tie it all together with a positive, can-do attitude, and you have someone who will surely succeed wherever she goes."

Memory expert and creator of the Magnetic Memory Method, Dr. Anthony Metivier said:

"Barbara is a talented content expert who blends powerful research with clear and precise writing. She’s mastered more than sentences, but also the structure of entire pieces that flow. One of her articles for me hit page one in less than two weeks and we’re already working together on more keywords. I highly recommend working with her for your projects."

C. W. at said:

"I loved how Barbara made our city come alive in her comprehensive "things to do" guide. Even I fell in love with my hometown again!"

Published on May 7, 2020, my Smart Blogger post 66+ Alliteration Examples to Make Your Message More Memorable debuted at #21 on May 24th for its target keyword, "alliteration examples". On May 29, it was up to 19th. By June 16, it was 12th. On July 7, only two months after it was published, it ranked 4th.

My ghost-written ultimate guide for Anthony Metivier’s Magnetic Memory Method, The 3 Stages of Memory: An In-Depth Guide (with Examples!) was published on July 6th, 2020. On July 16th, it appeared on page 2, ranked at #18 for its target keyword, “stages of memory”. Less than a month later (August 1), it appeared on page 1 ranked as #8. By the end of August, it ranked 5th.

A Google search for "rosemary crafts", will find my September 2019 post on the first page of search results:
How to Use Rosemary:  A Creative Guide for DIY Gifts & Crafts

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Topics: Aging, Writing, Food & Beverage, Arts & Crafts, and Interior Design
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